Gabriela Cadena 2014 Fall Collection

gabriela candena (23)

Gabriela Cadena is a bold and eclectic blend of classic elegance mixed with innovative, edgy and sexy modern day silhouettes. Gabriela’s design vision is to mix traditional high fashion glamor with everyday wear-ability and style. Everyone of her designs is infused with her signature vivid color palettes and eccentric multi-prints. Every look she designs has unique accents, elaborate embroidery and complex symmetry yet her silhouettes are all fresh, simple and easy to wear. 

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Delsa Sposa 2014 Spring Bridal Collection (I)

delsa couture (46)

The philosophy, mission and principles of Delsa are the product of study and reflection on the past, present and future. Their philosophy is to create a perfect synergy between the search for perfection, craftsmanship of the product and industrialization. Their mission is to create, produce and distribute quality content.

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Etherea by Miquel Suay 2014 Spring Bridal Collection

m suay 2014 wedding gowns (25)

Miquel Suay’s women’s ceremonial wear offers bridal, party and communion wear that is solidly designed and carefully made, making him one of the big names in bridalwear in Spain. In addition to his own lines, he has licences to produce bridal garments by Devota & Lomba, Francis Montesinos and Cymbeline, and communion wear by Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada and Javier Larrainzar.

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Charminng Tales by Inmaculada Garcia 2014 Spring Bridal Collection

inmaculada garcia 2014 (5)

Inmaculada Garcia’s new collection clearly reveals her personal stamp in her treatment of textures, as well as the evolution of the gowns which give way to volume and a totally different design, which overflow into an overwhelming fantasy which allow her brides to be different to the conventional.

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Julie Vino 2014 Fall Bridal Collection

julie vino 2014 wedding gowns (22)

Since childhood I’ve been creative and artsy. While growing up and discovering fashion, I realized fashion would be the field where I could bring forth my passion for beauty, my creative talent and my unique stylistic vision. I’ve studied fashion design in a leading academic institute followed by an internship in leading evening and bridal fashion houses in Canada and Israel. Five years ago I established my own brand of bridal and evening wear in Jaffa-Tel-Aviv. – Julie Vino


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Olesya Malinskaya 2014 Spring Bridal Collection

olesya (11)

Olesya Malinskaya Fashion House has its admirers all over the world. The first defile was presented at the Moscow Fashion Week on a Friday night,  October 26. Surprisingly for the administration of the show, the statistics of visitors has exceeded all expectations, whipping up a spectacular furor. The number of guests from multiple countries in the audience was way above average. Many cinema celebrities, world acknowledged companies’ representatives, visitors from America, Europe, Arabic countries and elsewhere have attended the show.

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Patricia Avendano 2014 Spring Bridal Collection

p avendano 2014 (23)

GLAMOUR is the term that Patricia Avendaño feels best describes this new collection, which is made up of creations in which the design and the fabrics are combined to obtain the best results. There is a common denominator in all her dresses, a particular essence that differentiates and highlights them, but within this philosophy, in which the quality of the dressmaking and the care taken in the selection of fabrics is vital, there is a feeling of plurality that makes them appeal to a different public.

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